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Benefits of Working with Ovenlight

  • Excellent service provided. Thoughtful to our brand and always offering new innovative ways to enhance our brand, as well. For over 20 years our farm has worked with Ovenlight/Adam and cannot recommend him highly enough. Want your business to grow? Then let Ovenlight showcase the power of user generated content for brands like yours…

    Patrick Horan
    Patrick HoranWaldingfield Farm
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Adam over the last two years to assist us in web design, HTML work and marketing. He has a wealth of knowledge in various SaaS systems that greatly helped in cross integration of our systems. I’d highly recommend Adam for his high level of professionalism and overall great work.

    Natan Ovadia
    Natan OvadiaNinja
  • I’ve hired Adam several times over the past 8 years to help me plan, design and execute websites relating to two separate businesses and now, a non-profit organization. Each time, he came up with his own creative solutions to the issues I faced and presented to him. While one of my businesses was quite traditional, the other and my non-profit are quite unique and required a great deal of understanding and insight. Adam is smart, fair, honest and talented. I will continue to work with him as often as need the advice and counsel of someone with his expertise.

    Jane Strong
    Jane StrongThe Equus Effect