Courage In The Face of Adversity

Courage In The Face of Adversity
April 16, 2020 ovenlight
community garden

Growing list of small business activities I’ve taken from the comfort of my home office. And so can you! My hope is that by staying busy, staying useful, and staying healthy; I am doing the best for my career and my family. If you want to talk about working from home, growing your small business or gardening…give me a call 503-380-6610

  1. Reach out to current customers in a personal way. Check in on them. Have a conversation.
  2. Work on my own site ( I’ve got some time to work on my own site in addition to existing client work.
  3. Ask for Google Reviews. (We choose the 5 star pizza place with 400 reviews over the 5 star with 3 reviews, right?)
  4. Be active and engaged in those Zoom calls. Everyone is starved for real connection so be your best self.
  5. Work diligently and creatively for my customers. That’s how I get repeat business. It’s a partnership.
  6. Apply for Government Disaster Assistance. I’m not expecting any money so it’s just usability testing.
  7. Be generous. I’ve been giving marketing reports to customers so they can see how their website, social, email marketing and ads are performing.
  8. Gardening. I have a community plot which is a short bike ride from home. I take the kids. plant seeds. Water. It’s been therapeutic.
  9. Exercise. Those streaming devices have more Tiger King episodes. I’ve been using Daily Burn.


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