Help Wanted

Help Wanted
January 3, 2019 ovenlight
Help Wanted Sign

The help wanted sign in the window is something we’ve all seen. It’s like some public domain logo which alerts the viewer to an immediate opportunity in the form of a red rectangle with white lettering. It’s so simple but when we dig a little deeper it gets more complex. What’s the meaning of this poetically simple headline: HELP WANTED

I believe the help wanted sign is a cry for help from the small business owner. It’s always for a small business, right? When the company is larger the language shifts to “Now Hiring” which says the company is willing to accept applications and there is a process.

Ok so what do these words mean?

Help = A person who willingly brings or adds value
Wanted = I (small business owner) will pay you to do something I cannot.

Let’s bring it all home

At Ovenlight, a Portland-based small business marketing agency; we are the Help you always Wanted. It’s our willingness to add value to you (small business owner) in the form of innovative and effective marketing services which defines us.

And now… the best “Help Wanted” song you’ve never heard.



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