About Ninja


IT software startup successfully launched with responsive wordpress design. We Integrated the website with Hubspot for seamless marketing automation. We further wired up Hubspot with Salesforce for complete visibility into all contact interactions.  Designed online knowledgebase for customers.

Here’s proof that marketing automation works better than sending emails manually.

This is just one of many examples of automated emails we implemented for Ninja using the Hubspot platform. Here, an email is sent to a prospect interested in a trial of their IT software after they convert on a smart form. This is one of many emails which guides them through the setup. The goal of these emails is to have an install date associated with that person. Once they install the software the rep is notified, and a different set of “trial” emails are triggered. Always sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

On Brand

We produced display ads and print collateral based on the website for a consistent brand experience.

Proof that it’s working!

Everybody loves a bar graph that goes up to the right, right? Ninja is a great example of inbound marketing working to attract the right audience who then converts on custom forms and is nurtured throughout their buyers’ journey via email.

Great Results!

Seamless integration between WordPress, Hubspot, Salesforce, GoToMeeting and Ninja software

Email Marketing workflows get the right message to the database at the right time during their buyer’s journey.

Grew visits from 3417 monthly visits in January of 2016 to 18,182 visits in June of 2017 (that’s over 5x visits in about a year and a half.)