Digital Marketing

Ovenlight works in partnership with small businesses throughout the country to improve sales and increase profits throuth the planning and application of digital marketing. For nearly 20 years! Ovenlight has helped small busineses grow. We are equal parts strategy, creative and technology.

Website Administration

website administration, website administrator, admin, keep your website updated by professionals, hourly or monthly service plans. Webmaster maintains your website and supports your content changes, SEO, training, provide technical support for the latest open source systems including Drupal, WordPress, Joomla! and shopping carts.


Website and Domain Administration

Domain provider sites are a genuine pain to navigate. We have the experience and knowledge required to setup, manage, and migrate domains and websites. The domain host is an important albeit confusing aspect of managing your website, email, security and overall digital strategy.


Backend Management

Back-end administration, also known as website back-end, means freedom for the site owners, outsourcing your backend allows you peace of mind and frees up your time to focus on revenue generating tasks while saving money overall. Our webmasters have the knowledge required to manage your servers and update and maintain a website. We guarantee our backend administration service.


Portal, Intranet, Knowledgebase

We have build and managed dozens of intranet, portals, and knowledgebase systems for medium and large corporations. Often, we are tasked with jumping into an existing system like Jira, Zendesk, Joomla! and WordPress. These systems are communication hubs for internal teams and support sites for customers.


Logo Design

Our designers are passionate about brands and identity systems. With our experience comes knowledge and context. We have designed logos for small and medium businesses as part of larger design and marketing engagements.


Landing Pages

Landing Pages are based on a singular offer. Maintaining the focus on the value of the offer with a clear path to attaining value is critical to the success of a landing page. Whether you are new to landing pages or have many which require optimization¬†Contact us and we’ll increase your conversion rates on your Landing Pages.

Email Design

Email design is a service we offer to our clients. There are great branding opportunities in email and when a strong message is combined with sellar design, the results positively affect your bottom line.

eCommerce Design

eCommerce design requires experience and creativity. Ovenlight has designed numerous eCommerce websites and we are ready to discuss your eCommerce needs Contact us.

Print Design

Print design services by Ovenlight are utilized by many of our clients. We routinely manage the printing and distribution of business cards, envelopes, brochures, flyers and larger projects like trade show graphics and environmental graphics.

Presentation Graphics

Need help creating your next PowerPoint? Ovenlight specializes in presentation graphics and will create a branded template you can use for presentations to come. Using Google Slides for your presentation? No problem, we design for all presentation platforms. Contact Us about presentation graphics design.

Web Design

We are experienced web designers and have skills required to make your website more beautiful and effective.


The role of photography in your marketing is not to be underestimated. With great product and lifestyle photography, your audience simply sees the value without fancy marketing speak. We help our customers by selecting photography, editing photography and even creating photography campaigns to suppor the growth of their business. Learn More

Email Services

Email Marketing

Email is a powerful medium and offers a private, direct marketing channel to small businesses. We create follow up campaigns as well as outreach campaigns which draw your audience into your sales funnel and work to close deals in tandem with phone and in-person sales. Contact us to learn more about email marketing.

Email Drip Campaigns

Email drip campaigns are integral to any successful small business marketing campaign. We create strategies and deploy drip campaigns on email marketing systems for our clients. Learn more.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletter are a great way to keep your customers engaged with your brand. We recommend consistent scheduling (monthly or quarterly) and a templated design . Planning, designing and delivering newsletters for our clients is part of our email newsletter service. Contact us to discuss email newsletters.

Lead Generation

Generating leads for our small businesses is probably our top concerns. Small businesses owners are fraught with marketing expenses and most are looking for more leads. Ovenlight creates lead gen solutions. Learn More.